About Waves and Imogen


Poseidon Rising

Last month I published a collection of ‘wave monsters’. I have been down to the South Coast almost every week all through the winter, working mainly on fast-shutter captures of high seas. That’s a round trip of 140 miles at least once every week, usually getting down there in time for dawn. Often, my efforts have been rewarded with poor light or even driving rain. But it has still been one of my most exhilarating projects so far. Finally, my patience paid off, when Storm Imogen hit the coast earlier this month. Epic surf met great light, and I was one very happy, wave-obsessed photographer. So, I hope you will forgive me for one more surf-orientated post.  If, like me, you are addicted to seascapes, there are more on my website.















29 thoughts on “About Waves and Imogen

  1. Those waves are immense. I thought I had seen big waves in Hawaii recently, but you’ve captured some real monsters. I love your imagery attached to each wave form. Just out of curiosity what settings did you use for fast capture with low or poor light?

    • Thanks! Yes, the knowledge of the destruction in these storms informs my fascination with them. It’s the idea of the ‘sublime’ in the Romantic sense of the word.

  2. A truly exceptional set Rachael. You have captured the power, the motion and the relentless ferocity of the sea in extraordinary light. Your choice of titles adds a further dimension. I would love to walk into a gallery one day and see these hanging on the walls.

  3. The Panther is breathtaking – everything looks so alive. And strangely, it’s the people who look the most inanimate in that shot. Amazing photos Rachael, you’ve captured the sea like I’ve never seen it before.

  4. What a real quality set Rachael – your posts seem to have passed me by as blogging can do – always enjoy a catch – some glorious shots well done to capture such anger in tough conditions for photography

  5. Inspirational work Rachael, the fact that you took it upon yourself to drive 140 miles each time puts me to shame as I sometimes complain about having to drive only a short distance to the coast. It goes to show that if you put the time and hard work in you will eventually be rewarded. Very well done on your lpoty success.

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