Snow day

Snow landscape


My 365/33 images are from this day in 2009. Overnight, we had experienced an unusually heavy snowfall.  The children were delighted to have their first ever snow day.  I must confess, I was quite excited too.  We enjoyed a long walk, between snowball fights, and I snapped these on the River Thames towpath between Weybridge and Shepperton.  in editing, I have deliberately over-exposed the images, trading texture in the snow for a light, airy look.



6 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Great shots – the over exposed-ness (sorry, that’s really not a word) really makes the snow pop and feel as bright as it does when you’re in it. So many times I’ve take snow photos where the snow’s a little yellow or blue.

    • I like it when people make up words 😉 Definitely dialling in some exposure compensation before you go out will help with that problem. At least +1, maybe even +2.

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