Poppies at dusk


Some may remember that last June I found a wild poppy field nearby and went a bit mad photographing it.  As is the nature of natural poppy fields, it is not there this year, the land having been rotated back to crops.   However, thanks to the photographers’ network, I have found another, rather further afield but, as last night’s visit confirmed, completely worth the trip. More to follow!

10 thoughts on “Poppies at dusk

  1. Hi there Rachael,
    Love your photo, great light.
    I was also disappointed when that poppy field in Ripley was not there this year. Took a drive to the south downs a couple of weeks ago in search of another poppy field, but no luck. Any chance of a clue to where this one is.

    • Hi Guiseppe
      Always happy to share locations with fellow enthusiasts. It’s on a hill above Lancing. You can see it from the A27. Nearest road is Halewick Lane. If you do go and publish any pics online, please shout out to me, either here or my website http://www.rachaeltalibart.com.

    • Hi Amelia. There is certainly plenty of interesting insect activity there. I didn’t take any macro photographs though as it was far too windy for close ups.

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