15 thoughts on “Dancing poppies

  1. So pretty….between you and Meanderer, I was encouraged to post my own photos of some late season poppies….not near as beautiful as yours, however….. 🙂

  2. Wonderful again.. I cannot find a poppy field round here at all !! I found one last year but damned if I can find it again and silly ass that I am I didn’t record where it was… grrr

    • Hi Helen. Thanks. I wouldn’t waste time looking for one in the same place as last year as it’s very unlikely to be there. Typically, poppy fields spring up on fields left fallow. If a field is left fallow two years in a row, however, the poppies stop germinating as the seeds require disturbance to germinate. That is why they grew on the WW1 battlefields and became the emblem of the war.

      • Thanks Rachael.. and yes I did a bit of reasearch and found that out after I’d written that comment on yours.. I have found some now and intend to get out to photograph them in the next day or so 🙂

  3. So lovely. Your series of poppy shots reminds me of the Impressionists, capturing scenes in various seasons and in different types of light. Have you been to Monet’s beautiful gardens at Giverny?

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