Winter unending

macroWhen will this winter end?  Clearly no-one has remembered to tell these snowflakes, on the windscreen of my car, that it is supposed to be Spring.



Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with it tail – Proverb


“The English winter — ending in July, To recommence in August.”
 George Gordon Byron


Thank you to those who have enquired about my recent absence from Focused Moments. I am fine, just flat out with college work and having to be very strict with myself about all things photographic as otherwise they might easily take over.  ‘Normal service’ will hopefully resume next month, after we return from a brief visit to one of my very favourite European cities where I will be putting my new travel camera through its paces!


13 thoughts on “Winter unending

  1. Well you do make ice look beautiful. We got a new 10″ of snow this week. Par for the course around here, but still stinks after the first day of spring has gone by. In Vermont we have a saying that we have 11 months of winter and 1 month of bad skiing! I’m anticipating the first green buds. I’ll be seeing them in Ireland in three weeks. Maybe in Vermont in early May if all goes well. Good luck with your project.

  2. Like the proverb, but isn’t winter biting with teeth and lashing with its tail this year for us? It won’t ever end!

    Brilliant snowflake shots, love the blue-ish hue to them.

    (Good to see you blogging again too!)

  3. Rachael, it’s lovely to see the beautiful side of something that could otherwise be a nuisance on a windshield. 🙂

    We’re happy to have largely escaped the tail end of winter these past two months. Where did your travels take you?

    • Hi Tricia. We went to Venice, probably my very favourite city in the world. This was my fifth visit but the children’s first. We are already talking about going back next spring. :). I noticed you have been blogging about Croatia and am looking forward to diving into your posts and all their loveliness as soon as this essay is done.

      • So sorry to distract you from penning that essay! 🙂 I’ve been catching up on my favorite blogs today, having a bit of break time between countries (Montenegro & Croatia).

        I’m happy to hear that you were able to introduce your children to such a beautiful part of the world, and I’m eager to see Venice through your eyes.

        Speaking of Venice, what’s fascinating about this region is its shared past with the Republic of Venice. In many of these walled cities, you’ll still find the Winged Lion of Saint Mark adorning the buildings and fortifications. Since you like Venice so much, I think you’d also appreciate this architecture.

        Best of luck with that essay!

  4. Love the proverb! Precisely why I prefer to reside nearer the equator, thank you. Our winters rarely create snowflakes as yours, unless I explore the freezer in my kitchen. I would rather enjoy the snowflake’s beauty through macro photos or on a short vacation to the north.

    • Hi Shannon. Thank you very much! Our spring has been a long time coming but today it is 20degrees and all the flowers are out at the same time. Bliss.

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