The Second Day of Christmas


Scandinavian Christmas tree decoration

There are several different theories or branches to the story of the origin of the Christmas tree tradition.  One is the ancient pagan custom in Scandinavia of propping a pine tree, stripped of its bark, outside the door of the house, to keep the family safe from witchcraft or the devil.  The practice of some early settlers in America of erecting decorated Christmas trees was denounced by Puritans as ‘a pagan mockery’.  By the early 1800s, however, the tradition was well established.

Angel decorationMore Christmas traditions tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “The Second Day of Christmas

  1. Love these little tidbits of trivia. For me the real holiday is Solstice when we revert back to daylight getting longer. I imagine that for the Scandinavians that’s even more of an event with their much shorter days during this time of year.
    Particularly love that first little ornament.

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