Some shots from September found languishing on my hard drive.  I chose to use a high key look for these images, to capture a sense of the delicacy of the ladybird’s acrobatics on dry grass stems in my garden.


This beetle is a harlequin ladybird, or harmonia axyridis.  The harlequin was brought from Asia into America and Europe as a form of biological control and it spread quickly, arriving in the UK in 2004.  It has since caused a rapid decline in indigenous species of ladybird.


My own observations, for what they’re worth, bear this out; I rarely see anything but harlequins in my garden now.  Pesky things.  That doesn’t stop me photographing them though…

23 thoughts on “Harlequins

  1. I’m sad to learn such a beautiful little creature has caused such carnage among English ladybirds. It’s a tale so often told, especially in Australia and New Zealand but usually the usurper is an ugly brute, like the cane toad!
    Gorgeous and etherial photographs, nonetheless 🙂

  2. I never knew ladybugs could look so phantom-like. You did a fantastic job capturing this new perspective as well as maintaining their sunny nature (;

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