A dusting

Actually, there was post today, but very few trains!

Actually, there was post today, but very few trains!

Winter arrived this morning with a dusting of snow.  Really, we had no more than the merest of sugar frostings (not even as much as in these shots from 2009-10) but it was enough to freeze the train network.  Commuter chaos ensued.  Oh dear.

Two swans wisely ascaping the commuter chaos.

Two swans wisely escaping the commuter chaos.


11 thoughts on “A dusting

  1. I too had a dusting where I was. Barely anything! And yet, what did I see on my way to work? Someone hadn’t thought that maybe it was a bit icy and drove into someone’s front garden fence!

    Lovely snowy shots. Snowy landscapes and detail shots are one reason why I look forward to snow!

  2. Love the swans. We still have some lingering snow from our Friday fall in patches on the footpaths, roadsides and vegetable gardens. All of a sudden 0C or thereabouts is the standard temp in morning and evening, but so long as it’s not cloudy and windy I’m not complaining — yet…

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