Artist of the Week at The Shed

This will be a slightly different week on Focused Moments as I am honoured to be Artist of the Week at The Shed Gallery.  I first came across this gallery when I stumbled upon their summer exhibtion at The Malthouse in Lyme Regis.  Entitled Albion, the exhibition featured art celebrating this island nation of ours.  It was a topical exhibition for 2012, a year when we have celebrated being British more than any other.


The Cobb at Lyme Regis

Although largely an on-line community, The Shed differs from other internet photographic and art communities in that it has a permanent real gallery space in Barcelona plus seasonal exhibitions in its second home, Lyme. Furthermore, next February, Albion will be coming to London, to the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery at Shoreditch.  I hope they will include something of mine!


Inside La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The Shed is only in its second year, and relatively expensive compared with other sites, but I like it that it is still small; one feels more part of a real community than one does on the impersonal mega-sites.  Direct contact between individual artists and the Shed Team is as frequent as the artist requires and hopefully there will be an opportunity to meet many of the other artists at the London exhibition.


Detail from Gaudi’s beautiful church, La Sagrada Familia

As Artist of the Week, I am writing some posts for the Shed’s Blog.  The first one is an introduction to me and my photography and the images will be familiar to anyone who has been following along here for a while.  But I would be hugely chuffed if you had time to pop over and say ‘hi’.


Summer evening, Lyme Regis

25 thoughts on “Artist of the Week at The Shed

  1. Rachael, I’m not sure if it has something to do with my browser, but the link isn’t working for me…I tried both on I.E. and Chrome…I will check again later.

  2. Congratulations on being Artist of the Week at The Shed Gallery…I had seen some of the featured photographs on your site previous to this post…what a beautiful collection…stunning, actually.

  3. Rachael, your work over the years has really developed into some wonderful, your style and your creativeness is inspiring to me and for me it is always a real pleasure to see and comment on your work, well done and of course congratulations.

      • We have all been delighted to have you in our Shed Rachael. Its establishing relationships and helping to promote both amateur and professional photographers work alike, both physically in exhibitions and online, helping facilitate selling and printing the work, that was and remains our inspiration. I have learnt so much from many of the creatives on our site and you have given me some wonderful technical guidance too that is much appreciated.There is always an intelligence and deep thought behind the taking of your images that, I feel, comes through even in small format on a screen, which is rare. The colours ping and the compositions look effortless, when I know they aren’t. As for Albion in London, my problem will be choosing which one!!!!all the best, Chelsea.

      • Hi Chelsea
        Thank you very much! I am a veteran of many years on sites like Flickr, Redbubble, 500px and, while they do their job well, I am enjoying being part of something a little more real and personal at The Shed. I enjoyed talking to you at The Malthouse in August and look forward, hopefully, to meeting you in London in February.

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  5. Congratulations, Rachael! The folks at The Shed have excellent taste. 🙂

    I’m happy to see some of your bugs over there in your gallery, as those have been among my favorites, but the Mayfield Lavender shot really caught my attention just now. Good stuff, all around.

    • Thanks, Sid. There really is nothing like being in a field surrounded by flowering lavender. The temptation to run one’s fingers through the plants was irresistible. Although the flowers this year were the best I have seen, sadly there were far fewer bees and butterflies than normal.

  6. I think I’m adding my congratulations a little late, but they are nonetheless very heartfelt. Nice to see your work getting the attention and recognition it so deserves.

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