The first day of Autumn

phalangium opilioThis week there has been a nip in the air. There are suddenly fewer winged insects about and a first-day-of-the season safari round the garden this morning yielded some distinctly Autumnal sights. This harvestman was crouching on a fading rudbeckia flower.
 lychnis coronariaThe lychnis coronaria have gone to seed. I took a quick photograph before shaking the seeds liberally over the border. They are very reliable self-seeders in my garden, even colonising the lawn given half a chance.
sepia macroThe hollyhock seed heads are opening. I do love the way the seeds are wedged in – they remind me of oysters.
Despite the chill, the speckled bush crickets are still about. This male stared at me rather belligerently, I thought.
speckled bush cricket
All these shots were taken at 3,200 ISO. Not too shabby. The new camera passes the ISO test.

17 thoughts on “The first day of Autumn

  1. My camera’s maximum sensitivity is ISO 3,200 and at that level the images are pretty much unusable. It’s amazing how technology has improved these last few years..

  2. 3200 ISO? That is incredible! The photos don’t look it at all. Amazing.

    Great shot of the cricket. Belligerent is the exact word I’d use for the look he’s throwing you!

    I think autumn’s one of my favourite times to shoot. The sunsets and sunrises are usually the most striking. All the leaves everywhere are changing colours. It’s a brilliant time to get the camera out.

  3. Yes, that kind of ISO is like science fiction for me. I can go that high on mine but am never game, like Scotty telling the Cap’n she’ll ne’er take it.

    It’s funny, I did my weekly walk home from school along the river on Thursday and noted that dragonfly numbers had plummeted since the week before – I only saw one or two. And this was just as I got my tax return and contemplated buying that macro lens. Not sure if it’ll be worth it this year — although I’m sure I could find countless other subjects to play with.

    • Now, that would be a cool lens. Shame they don’t make lenses for canon! ;). I will think about the recommendations. I tend not to follow many blogs that are solely about photography, preferring those that combine photography with another interest. I find the enthusiasm for the other interest usually results in better images. just me 😉

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