Carder bee heaven

Garden colour and bee

It has been several days since a buggy post!  Most unlike me.  But never fear, the carder bees are here!  They have been very happy this weekend, enjoying the lovely warm weather among the late summer flowers in my garden.

bee on purple flowers

I have forgotten the name of this purple flower but no matter; it shall henceforth be known as carder bee heaven.

a carder bee in flight approaching purple flower

Making a bee line

It was rather special, sitting in the border surrounded by gorgeous late summer colour and hordes of very happy bees.

carder bee and purple flowers

Nearly there!

These small bumble bees are very cute.  Or is that just me?

a carder bee on purple flower

My favourite

This last shot isn’t quite as sharp as I would normally like but I just couldn’t help include it: geronimo!

a carder bee takes off from a purple flower

Heavy lifter

If you want to know my technique for shooting flying bugs, see my earlier post, In-flight entertainment where I reveal all my secrets!

10 thoughts on “Carder bee heaven

  1. Over here it’s dragonfly season. I’ve had a few sessions lately trying to bag some decent shots of my favourite insects without a macro — honestly, I could enlist in the SAS with some of the stalking skills I’ve picked up. Some successes, but more “landscape with dragonfly in corner” style. Still can’t get quite close enough, but it’s fun to try. I’ll be re-reading your tips by year’s end, I think — if I get my tax return in a few weeks, I know what I’ll be buying first…

  2. Great shots of carder bees, you show them to perfection! Do you get different sized ones? I get tiny ones, larger ones and then some with lots of beautiful thick marmalade coloured hair round their shoulders.

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