The ladies’ turn

Women's road race Olympics 2012

The ladies arrive

Yesterday we enjoyed the men’s Olympic road race as it came through our village, Oatlands, near Weybridge in Surrey. Today it was the ladies’ turn.

Motorcycle outriders

A rainy day for cycling

What a difference from yesterday’s sunny weather. Intermittent heavy rain and thunder greeted the women. But even the capricious English weather couldn’t spoil the fun for the hardy onlookers and the Police motorcyclists.

Dutch rider in front of Olympic road race

Netherlands lead

As it came through Oatlands, the pack was still together. Although the Dutch rider was out in front, it was still anyone’s race.

Canadian rider in women's Olympic road race

It’s still anyone’s race

As my other half is Canadian, we cheered two countries on. I hope the Canadian riders saw our huge maple leaf flag!

Canadian rider in women's Olympic road race 2012


The race has just finished. Congratulations to Vos who won gold for the Netherlands but also to our own Lizzie Armitstead for bringing home a silver! Well done to all the hardy cyclists in a very wet race.

Next Olympic fun for us: the time trials on Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “The ladies’ turn

  1. I’ve never watched cycling before but got totally drawn into this race and ended up watching the whole of the last hour! Then the next day it was archery and judo that hooked me in – must keep away from the TV as I’ll never get anything done otherwise!

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