Tough love works

I have had this agapanthus (African Lily) plant in the same pot for about fifteen years. I never feed it. I rarely water it. And every year it puts on a show, content with the neglect, giving me more flowers every time.

I like the way the flowers emerge, stretching out after being crammed in their papery buds.


And then there they are, more buds! As if they are teasing, withholding their beauty for one more moment.


Finally, one flower opens, china blue, like the sky on a sunny day (I dimly remember those!)


And, when the flowers are done, fat black seeds hang encased in silvery pods, happy to self seed without my having to lift a finger.


But, I wonder if you can guess the biggest reason for liking my faithful pot of African Lilies:



8 thoughts on “Tough love works

      • It was based on my own experience, Rachael 🙂 Have to admit, one reason why I keep a small garden was so that I can attract lots of bees and bugs to photograph…hahaha!

        Oh, that and of course the last 2 photos that you posted with the bees 😉

  1. Beautiful shots! I adore agapanthas – they’re lovely flowers, and yes, very hardy!

    Particularly like the shot of the opening bud. Great detail on that one.

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