Mayfield Lavender

Banstead, Surrey
I enjoyed a brief trip this morning, in the company of friends, to photograph the lavender at Banstead. The heavens soon opened but, for a few minutes, it was perfect.

Banstead, Surrey

Banstead, Surrey

Mayfield Lavender

11 thoughts on “Mayfield Lavender

  1. I’m glad for you – you were there – and I’m glad for me – I can be there too because of you. No, I’m not confused. I love it.

  2. The smell in the air must have been intoxicating! In Santa Fe two days ago, I would’ve loved to have visited one of the nearby lavender farms, but our time there was so short. Glad I could enjoy the experience through your pictures, Rachael!

    • The bugs do love lavender. Sadly, there were not nearly as many butterflies and bees as last year. Or dreadful spring and summer have taken their toll.

  3. It’s great stalking other photographers, isn’t it? A couple of months ago I was up high on a snowy ridge not long before sunset. Another hiker appeared, going the other way. I waited a few paces and then turned to grab some “human interest” — and we were both caught aiming at each other. Quite embarrassing — but I got a shot, not sure about him.

    I love lavender and will always pick a sprig from a garden when I pass. I don’t think I’ve seen it over here, though. No garden is complete without it.

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