One image three ways


I like this slightly arty shot of a cricket in my garden.  I like the way the cricket barely emerges from its environment. But which version of the image do you like best?  The cool-colour version above. Or the warmer version below.


Or the minimal black and white?


13 thoughts on “One image three ways

  1. Yes, I think the first. You can drive yourself mad with these kinds of dilemmas, can’t you? Mine usually occur even before editing, with narrowing the list down to one from a series of a dozen or so almost-identical shots. I’m trying to be more ruthless with in-camera culling before I get home to save stress, and even taking just a single shot and hoping for the best!

    • One of my friends has suggested I go back to film for while. Perhaps they were dismayed by the volume of images clogging up my hard drive. Looks like we have a similar problem. 😉

    • Thank you, Tricia. I may tinker with the black and white one at some point. Funnily enough, the middle one is actually the as-shot. I recently read a blog that suggested switching the WB to cloudy in camera. It seemed to improve their shots but I must say I found it a little too warm for this particular image.

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