Exhibition awards


Last week was my camera club’s annual exhibition. I was lucky enough to receive several awards and, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, thought I would record the successful images here. A better-edited version (my internet is down and this is the only version I have on my iPad) of the top image, Sprinkler Fun, won Best Projected Digital Image (PDI) in the exhibition and was used as the image on the Exhibition flyer.

Rose Explorer Best Print in the Exhibition and Best Nature Print.

Who, or what, are you? Best Nature PDI

Two Ladybirds Highly Commended print

Storm over Nantucket Highly Commended PDI

Orchard, Capitol Reef (better edit) Highly Commended PDI

Santolina Highly Commended PDI

Mirror, mirror on the wall Highly Commended PDI

Wild grizzly cub, British Columbia (better edit) Highly Commended PDI

The judge was very encouraging and since the awards presentation on Friday I have begun to think a little more seriously about the possibility of trying for a Royal Photographic Society Associateship. But first, I would like to start making better prints. Until now I have been relying on Redbubble. Their matted prints are good, and nicely mounted. However, I think the time has come to do it myself. If any of you have any tips or printer-recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

32 thoughts on “Exhibition awards

  1. Well-deserved awards. And there’s nothing wrong with blowing one’s own horn just a bit now and then,,,, ;-D

  2. Wonderful shots. In college I took an entire class on Printing digital photographs, and I was so thankful because it taught me so much. I would recommend Epson printers. And Moab and Hahnemuhle paper. I would also highly recommend an X-Rite monitor calibrator. You calibrate your monitor’s color. Then you use the software the calibrator comes with to print a special image on your printer so you can calibrate the specific paper and ink you’re using. After everything is calibrated, when you want to print a photo, it’s amazing… exactly what you see on your monitor is exactly what prints out of your printer. Figuring all this out was so helpful, because so much paper and ink is wasted trying to get your photos to look like they do on the screen. So if you do a little extra work up front and calibrate everything, it saves A LOT of time and money down the road.

    • Thank you for the tips! They are very helpful. I was thinking about getting an Epson printer. I have heard a couple of stories of nozzles clogging on them which worries me slightly. I have a Spyder calibrator. I wasn’t aware it could be used with a printer too. I will look into that.

      • Nozzles can clog on any printer. You just have to maintain and take care of whatever printer you end up getting. I’m not sure if Spyder has the software to aid in calibrating the paper and ink as well. Hopefully it does. You’ll be ahead of where most people are. 🙂

  3. Very well deserved Rachael, I love the top shot, such a “carefree” pose, wonderful. I have not had any problems with my Epson printer so far! I did not realise you could calibrate the ink and paper too, I should look into that!

  4. Massive congratulations. These are stunning shots and so you should be rewarded for your fantastic eye and skill.

    Particularly love the Santolina shot. I’d love to have that as a print on my wall!

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