Little figure, big world

Camber Sands, East Sussex, England

A quick post today to thank two fellow bloggers for nominating me for awards. Thank you, Ann Jasmine at Not Yet Grounded and Rob at In My View for the nominations. I have decided not to participate in blog awards, being averse to anything resembling chain letters. It is reward enough for me that anyone reads my blog. I will, however, take the opportunity to mention some of the lovely blogs I have discovered during my first two months here on WordPress.

Visit The Goat that Wrote for amusing, well-written and well-illustrated tales with a globe trotting and hiking theme.

Tricia A. Mitchell has lived and/or travelled in some of the most fascinating places and she shares her experiences with an unflagging appreciation for all she encounters.

Modern Memory Keeping is a blog about photography packed full of inspiration, tips and beautiful images.

You can’t beat Helen’s Photomania Blog for sheer enthusiasm. I admire the way Helen explores her subjects from every angle, something I could do with learning from her.

Speaking of enthusiasm, Dust Tracks on the Web simply exudes the stuff. Janson generously shares his love of flora and fauna with super images and intelligent and informative text.


8 thoughts on “Little figure, big world

  1. I don’t participate in blog awards either bit I appreciate so much that you are enjoying my blog.. You will see I have a picture and meesage on my blog about awards.. an idea I stole from another blog 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture, and I’m stoked (as folks of a certain age — or lack of — say back home) to receive the mention. Yours is one of my favourite discoveries of recent months, though your prodigious posting rate always leaves me feeling inadequate!

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