La Belle et la Bête


I thought that this tree tunnel at Pagham Harbour in West Sussex had a slightly fairy tale feel. When I edited the shot I was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s iconic film, La Belle et la Bête (1946). I wanted to create a black and white that captured something of the aesthetic of the film. It was just an experiment but fun to do.

Have you ever taken or edited a photo inspired by a favourite movie?

11 thoughts on “La Belle et la Bête

  1. Beautiful shot Rachael and lovely edit. I have taken a series of shots inspired by a movie, but need to get my editing skills a little better before I finish them off 🙂

  2. Fabulous shot, so atmospheric. I haven’t taken any directly inspired by a film yet but when I’m watching one with especially good cinematography I often think ‘oh I’d like to try that’. Tim Burton’s ‘Sleep Hollow’ springs to mind with all those washed out colours.

  3. It would help if I could type properly… that should of course read ‘Sleepy Hollow’! And just thought – I could of course be subconsciously influenced by films when I’m after a certain look or feel to an image.

  4. Can’t think of any specific movies, but in my modest way I like to exploit any cinematic elements in the scene. I often see, or imagine I see dramatic tension between objects and their surroundings. I find myself thinking, “What just happened?” or “What is about to happen?” Pathways, doors and gates, ladders and solitary bicycles are favourites of mine for this reason. And for some reason I find a broomstick leaning against a wall to brim with possibilities.

    I need help.

    • Ha! No, you don’t need help. Broomsticks are incredibly redolent with cultural and aesthetic nuances. Think witches, Harry Potter, wizards, Fantasia, Cinderella, Snow White… The list is endless! I like solitary things too. With lots of space, for the imagination to take flight.

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