Murmuration triptych


365/6 and 7

Last winter, I happened upon a small local murmuration of starlings. This year, by all accounts, there are far fewer starlings, only a fraction of the host shown here.  This ‘inverted’ triptych is from images made on both 6th and 7th January 2014.  Yes, I went two days in a row.  Small though it was by national standards, this murmuration was still a breathtaking and very exciting show.

2 thoughts on “Murmuration triptych

  1. Having only seen what could probably barely qualify as a murmuration, I am jealous! These captures are stunning and the inversion of the image really brings the shapes of the murmurations to the forefront.

  2. I often wonder how it would have been to see millions of passenger pigeons blacken the sky. It’s been just 100 years since their extinction in America. Hope you’re well, Rachael. Love seeing your photos again.

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