That lighthouse, again and again

Jersey, Channel Islands

I recently had to give an interview in which I was asked to name my favourite landscape location. I found it difficult to answer as I tend to be focused on wherever I am with my camera at any given moment. However, one place popped into my head unbidden.   Anyone who has been around here long enough will not be surprised that I thought of La Corbière.

La Corbiere, Jersey, Channel Islands

Guarding the extreme Western edge of Jersey, one of the British Channel Islands, this lighthouse has well and truly captured my imagination.

Jersey, Channel Islands

We have been to Jersey three times during the last two years and during each visit I have devoted evenings to this one place.   There is something about the way the lonely, white lighthouse sits out at sea, precariously perched on Jersey’s characteristic red rock, that stirs the soul.

Jersey, Channel Islands

It has so many moods. Sometimes, it is wild and windswept, spray beaten and inaccessible. At others it is almost serene, especially at low tide when reflected in the still pool at its base.

Jersey, La Corbiere

On one occasion, during my only Autumnal visit so far, low clouds dispersed the setting sun, crowning the lighthouse with rays.

Jersey, Channel Islands

For the photographer, La Corbière offers so many possibilities. When the tide is out, a causeway is revealed, making perfect lead-in lines. Interesting rocks and pools create endless compositional opportunities and ensure that even if there are other photographers about, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Jersey, Channel Islands

When the tide is in, higher and wider views can be had from the cliff top. Even in high summer, there is a good chance of having the lighthouse to oneself, or perhaps just sharing it with one other photographer and maybe a romantic couple watching the sunset.

Jersey, Channel Islands

There is one mood I have yet to witness, however. Each time we have been there, the weather has been fairly mild. I have yet to see the lighthouse brave a proper storm. To capture a mighty wave crashing over the tower would really be something. I will just have to keep going back!

Jersey, Channel Island

11 thoughts on “That lighthouse, again and again

  1. What a sacrifice to have to keep going back. 😉 I couldn’t agree more that the lighthouse is one of the most photogenic I’ve ever seen, but then you do much to make it so!

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      Many other sites I follow don’t even take my “likes”. The answer I got was to switch on third party cookies (which I rather not do), or to allow exceptions for the given site (which only sometimes works).

      I’m curious how they helped you out.

      • Hi. I had a couple of problems. One was getting a certificate not valid warning, which has been fixed by allowing third party cookies but, like you, I’m not entirely comfortable with that setting. The other was some people had error messages stopping them from leaving comments here. That is unresolved. Is this something ongoing on other blogs too then?

      • Well, here’s what I know so far.

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        This is even after they ask me to log in (even though I’m already logged in), and they identify me as Disperser through my e-mail and account.

        While it is true that allowing third party cookies fixes the problem, it’s also true that there are blogs with their own domain names (like yours) that allow both likes and comments (except that last week I was not able to comment on your blog), and that’s regardless of me having blocked 3rd party cookies.

        Supposedly, a workaround is to write an exception for “WordPress” and whatever blog one is trying to comment on (i.e. in your case, That does not work on all blogs (i.e. cornwallphotographic and a number of others).

        I am trying to figure out if there are particular setting used by the blogs that work that are not being used by blogs I’m having problems with.

        So far, no luck.

        Based on seeing the kind of tracking crap that gets added to my cookies list, I’m not planning on allowing 3rd party cookies anytime soon. I’m prepared to just follow and read blogs without ever commenting if it comes to it.

        But, I would prefer working it out, and asking others if they would consider modifying their setting. So far, I’ve not found a common cause or cure (other than allowing 3rd party cookies, which i will not do).

        Hope that wasn’t too confusing.

      • One other thing that is odd . . . not allowing 3rd party cookies often means my comments go into moderation if they go through at all.

        Apparently, they do not in yours, so again, it would be nice knowing what settings/policy you have for comments.

      • Frankly, I have no idea what settings I have. I’ve what I’ve always had, probably the default settings from when I started the blog in 2012. I suppose I ought to find out.

  2. From these photos I can see why you’d be so fond of this subject. Beautiful photos. Really drawn to the last one with the little flare from the setting sun.

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