No rugby today, or tomorrow…

Surrey floods
Although the Thames has subsided quite a lot since the worst of the floods earlier this month, it is going to take some time for the waterlogged soil to dry out. This was the scene at the local rugby and cricket club this morning.
Surrey floods
The standing water makes for some pretty reflections, but not much good for playing!
Surrey floods
Still, there is improvement; I couldn’t have stood in this spot last week.

Surrey floods

Last Tuesday

22 thoughts on “No rugby today, or tomorrow…

  1. The water and reflections make for some gorgeous shots, but not much fun for the sports fans or players. It seems as though you’re stealing all of our rain. We’re supposed to get flooded around here and we’re experiencing a record breaking drought.

  2. Cripes. Flooding here on the Gulf Coast USED to be a regular occurrence. Not-so-much in the past few years, perhaps the rains have moved away, gone to Europe. You have a knack for making beauty out of muck.

  3. I thought rugbyers were a tougher lot than that…

    Not surprisingly, you’ve taken wonderful shots of your environs here, even in unkind situations.

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