Surrey landscape

f/11, 2″, ISO 50, 24mm, 0.6 ND Grad and 0.9 Pro Glass

I have had a wonderful week of photography, with two full days out in the field with fellow enthusiasts, Jenifer Bunnett and Tony Antoniou.  Conditions were perfect, with mist and patchy sun.  On both occasions I visited Boldermere, a peaceful lake incongruously nestled in the crook of the M25’s junction with the A3.  Each day was rounded off perfectly with one of nature’s most spectacular Autumn displays, a murmuration of starlings.  Those shots will follow in another post soon.  For now, a gentle panorama of this quiet, forgotten spot.

I have been outside all week, and am consequently very behind with visiting blogs.  I will try to catch up soon, before we head off on our next big adventure, Down Under!

12 thoughts on “Boldermere

  1. A most beautiful photograph. You comments seem full of contrasts – mist and patchy sun would not be perfect conditions for me and I cannot think that a spot between the A3 and the M25 could be quiet 🙂

    • I suppose, thinking about it, I can see why you might think that! For me, mist just occasionally penetrated by sun is perfect for atmospheric landscape photography. Clear blue skies and harsh full sun are visually boring! As for the quiet nature of this place, I think it is perhaps its location next to major roads that keeps it undiscovered. No-one thinks there could be somewhere this beautiful in this place! On both days, we had the whole lake to ourselves. Bliss.

  2. Lovely shot, as always, Rachael – just the perfect amount of fog/mist, which gives the scene a hint of eeriness. Enjoy your trip to Oz!

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