Late Autumn lingers


Our very late Autumn this year has given so many opportunities to get out with the camera, I’ve hardly been able to keep up with downloading the images! These shots are from my outing last week with Jenifer Bunnett.  She found this beautiful set of fishing lakes, Frensham Trout Fisheries, and, apart from a solitary fisherman, we had them to ourselves.surrey landscape

The presence of a waterfall was fortuitous as I had only just the day before taken delivery of my new Lee Filters!


I had a lot of fun experimenting with my five filters: the 105mm circ. polariser, .6 hard grad, .9 soft grad, .9 pro glass and Big Stopper.  The good news was that I had remembered all I had learned on the workshop ten days earlier.

autumn landscape 

The bad news was the circ. polariser created a horrible vignette when I used it with my 16-35mm lens at 16-20mm.  Hugely disappointing as that is my lens of choice for landscape work.   I was advised to use my 24-105mm on the course so this problem did not come up then. 😦

autumn landscape

17 thoughts on “Late Autumn lingers

  1. Do you have a UV filter or another filter on the 16-35 when you put the circular polarizer on top? My 11-16 gets awful vignetting too and a photography professor I just met told me to try without the UV filter underneath it. Makes sense, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ve always just corrected the vignette in Camera Raw.

    • Hi David
      I am using the Lee wide-angle system, so there is a holder for two slot-in ND filters and the circ. polariser then fits in front. No uv filter. It’s annoying because I discussed my order with the specialist and specifically mentioned my 16-35mm lens. The circ. polariser is just too thick. I have now tried my friend’s ultra slim heliopan polariser and the vignette is so much smaller, small enough to be able to shoot at 16mm and fix the vignette in post. The vignette with my uber expensive Lee polariser is huge, necessitating an enormous crop and rendering my lens useless between 16-20mm. I am cross!

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