New York, New York


Central Park from the ‘Top of the Rock’

We have just returned from a visit to New York, city of thronging streets, shadowy tower-canyons and vertiginous perspectives.


View downtown from the ‘Top of the Rock’

As my description above might indicate, there are as many challenges as opportunities for the photographer in this most exciting of cities. We were on holiday, sightseeing and catching up with friends, so photography was near the bottom of the to-do list. I snapped a lot, but had little opportunity to take more considered images. Nonetheless, I can hardly resist sharing a few of my photographs here.


Balloons over Manhattan

Oh, and in case it isn’t clear, I loved New York. Yes, I know I am not really a city girl, but you’d have to have zero capacity for excitement not to thrill at this amazing, chaotic, adrenaline-fuelled place.


Moongazing buildings

More from the ‘city that never sleeps’ to follow soon.

11 thoughts on “New York, New York

    • Thanks, Mike. Yes, me too. I wished I’d packed a wider lens, but walking all day with the family, I chose to cary only my 18-55mm kit. Another reason to return perhaps, if I needed one…

  1. Ha ha… on my trip back East a couple of years ago, I went many miles out of my way to avoid that insane city. I think I filled my quota of the NYC experience back in my younger days. Give me quiet country lanes these days.

  2. Hey, sorry I’ve been a while catching up. Great to see some shots from my (and I suppose a lot of people’s) favourite city! Looking forward to some more. I really must get around to writing up my 30-mile circuit of Manhattan too — really pays to travel sans family sometimes 😉 .

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