More forest secrets


55mm, f7.1, 1/25, ISO 800

It’s a grey, drizzling day here, the sort of weather that people imagine when they think of England. A day for editing images rather than shooting them.


55mm, f8, 1/40, ISO 800

I hope you can forgive yet another mushroom-related post. There were so many toadstools and other fungi in the woods near Friday Street yesterday. I snapped a few of the nicest, or strangest, depending on your point of view.


55mm, f4, 1/150, ISO 800

The last couple of days have been bad back days so I only had my little Fuji along. But it coped well with pretending, using the 18-55mm kit lens, to be a macro shooter.

mushrooms in leaves

55mm, f 4.5, 1/80, ISO 800

One or two of the mushrooms were kind enough to pose above ground level.


55mm, f4.5, 1/60, ISO 800

Using a wider lens than I would normally gave me the chance to try something a little different from my usual shallow depth of field, isolated subject, loads of bokeh style. In the shot below I wanted to make more of an environmental shot, using the log to lead the eye into the frame.


18mm, f5, 1/40, ISO 1600

It was while I was taking that shot that I noticed the cute little toadstool posing on top of the log featured in my post yesterday. Here it is a bit closer. Well, I couldn’t keep the bokeh at bay for long.


55mm, f7.1, 1/12, ISO 800

Despite having now edited all of the images from the shoot, the image I posted yesterday remains my favourite of the day. But I have made a better edit of it, muting some of the brightest highlights in the background.


18mm, f.5, 1/50, ISO 1600

Tomorrow, one more secret of the forest, but not a mushroom in sight.

36 thoughts on “More forest secrets

  1. They’re a beautiful collection Rachael, so nice to view them en masse like this. In the second to last shot, I love that tiny one encased in moss, next to it’s big sister!
    On tenterhooks for tomorrow’s secret.

  2. Amazing how the rain brings these fruiting bodies out of the soil. I don’t know whether we just don’t have as much moisture or I just don’t notice them, but I hardly ever see mushrooms, even on rotten logs in the forest. I’m probably just too focused on the birds to look down.

  3. The final shot is beautiful. Definitely like the wider angle photos – seeing the wider surroundings really place the little toadstools nicely! Great work. And really appreciate you sharing how you took the shots 😀

    • For the really slow shutter speeds, I dumped the poor camera on the ground. I have a small beanbag that helps to keep the lens level. Yes, those pictures are amazing. My personal favourite is the one with the baboons.

    • Thank you! The best way to learn composition is to look at lots of images every day. Eventually it sinks in. Not that I am saying you need to learn it. One good place to see good images where they change every day is 500px. Just look at the first page of the ‘popular’ category.

  4. Rachael, what a lovely stroll through the forest. The opening shot somehow reminds me of fluffy parasols. I’m quite amazed by the diversity of the flora! Wishing your back a speedy recovery too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tricia. There has been such a bumper crop of fungi here this Autumn. One of my friends who specialises in fungi photography has found some truly spectacular specimens.

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