Mudeford sundowner

In August we spent a week in Mudeford, Dorset. On the day we arrived it rained without respite. I knew that the next day would be my best bet for a decent sunset; the light is almost always at its best after heavy rain. So I headed down to the harbour edge and scouted around for a composition. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be in luck but, as the sun started to dip below the horizon, things started to get interesting.
I often find that the best shots happen just after the sun has set. Then it throws its rays up into the atmosphere, catching the undersides of clouds and, if you are lucky, bathing them in pink.
Mudeford is at the mouth of Christchurch Harbour, a natural harbour just on the Dorset side of the Dorset/Hampshire border, with the New Forest National Park and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site practically on the doorstep. We loved it there and will definitely be back, soon.
There has lately been some interest in seeing my shooting and processing data. All of these shots were taken at 16mm, ISO 100 and f.16 using 2/3 bracketed RAW exposures ranging from 1/8 to 2.5 seconds, with tripod, remote release and circ. polariser. Blended in CS4 using layer masks. Correction of lens distortion also in CS4. Colours straight out of camera.

16 thoughts on “Mudeford sundowner

  1. Thanks for providing the photo data, it’s quite helpful to know how others go about setting up and photographing a scene. I also really like the tones of the first shot, even though the color developing in the later shots is quite beautiful. Something about the golden light on the water…very attractive!

    • Thank you. We had a few good ones here last month but sadly there is no location even vaguely good within easy striking distance for me to get decent sunset shots. Have to wait for holidays.

  2. Yeah, nothing beats the light and skies after rain or a storm. Grateful also for the tech data. One day I will bite the bullet and embrace RAW — or at least lean over and cautiously shake its hand.

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