Beautiful Jersey

Another shot of my lighthouse muse, La Corbière on Jersey in the Channel Islands. Better compositions are to be had on the rocks below but high tides coincided with sunset during my recent trip so I had to make do with a higher vantage point. The long exposure time needed for the low light has softened and muted the waves. You will just have to take my word for it that they were crashing onto the rocks below and I would have been inundated had I stayed down there. On the upside, I enjoyed seeing how different the same composition could look at the same time on successive days.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Jersey

    • Hi. Thanks very much! It is a very special island. I also like the other Channel Islands, although Jersey remains my favourite for its wild, empty West coast. A holiday island hopping in the Channel Islands is great fun. I recommend it!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous shot, even if not your favorite vantage point. The streaky skies add to wonder… they almost look like they’re part of the beams from the lighthouse.

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