Large white

insect on lavender
About the only good thing about having a full hard drive is that it forces me to revisit old files, looking for things I can delete. In the process, I often find images that didn’t make the cut first time around but have grown on me since. These two butterfly shots are the case in point, taken in July 2011 at Mayfield Lavender farm, Banstead, Surrey.
insect on lavender
The large white butterfly, so prosaically named, is ubiquitous here in Surrey (and probably everywhere else in England) and it tends to get overlooked for more unusual species, but actually it is really quite pretty when you look closely. I like the eyes, with a subtle hint of green. If it was rare, we’d all be waxing lyrical about its ghostly beauty.

6 thoughts on “Large white

  1. I like the large and small white for just the reason that you see them often thus they seem more friendly. We have had even more than usual this year. At least it is your hard drive that is full, my 32 GB card stopped working yesterday and was half full. I was determined to sort it straight from card to meaningful files, Ha! I have now recovered the files, a bit messed up number wise but recovered. I have learnt my lesson but it has been a megabusy summer.

  2. So nice to have your bug critters back….. šŸ˜‰
    I planted some broccoli and cabbage and winter greens and have had an invasion of some white things that flitter around like mad…. I suspect they’re up to no good.

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