Garden critters

bombylius major

Bee fly again

As the deadline for my dissertation inexorably draws nearer, and with school holidays approaching even faster, I am having to put photography on the back burner, again. But it is bug season! Not fair! I can’t ignore all that gorgeous mini-beast action in my garden completely. So here are a few shots grabbed in illicit moments away from my studies.

insect macro

Capsid bug

These capsid bugs normally hang out on oak trees. Luckily, my neighbour has a whopper of an oak tree so we get a lot of extra bug action. Oak trees rock.

insect macro

Really very tiny anonymous fly

This fly is so small I can’t make out the detail until I grab a macro shot and view it at native resolution on my desktop. It’s too small even for my insect field guide, so I can offer no ID.  Do step up if you know what it is!


What am I?

This might be a moth. It too is very small, but rather cute, in my opinion.

I have a few more shots to share but I am going to have to be strict with myself about spending time on-line for the next few weeks. So sorry if I don’t manage to visit your site for a while. But, come September, there will be no stopping me!

14 thoughts on “Garden critters

  1. OOoo I always love your bug shots.. and well done on getting nearly there.. looking forward to you being finished and able to post more again 😀
    Ps I’ve just been accepted as a contributer to iStock.. yay!

    • Hi Helen. Thanks for sticking with me while I am such a sporadic blogger. :). Congrats on iStock. I am curious why you chose them in particular? 15% is pretty low returns – even Getty’s royalty free Flickr collection gives 20% and that is considered poor by industry standards. Are you aiming to go exclusive with iStock perhaps?

      • I only chose iStock because i was familiar with them but if you are able to recommend a betty one that would be good !! and yes I am aiming for exclusivity and quality. You have to have 250 downloads and a minimum 50% approval rating to qualify so we’ll see what happens! Are you with an agency? I am also uploading arty stuff to Saatchi as well as redbubble..

      • I can’t recommend one but I am curious because one of the many things on my to do list for after my degree is to sort this out. At the moment I have a small portfolio with the Getty Flickr collection. It yields a nice little return for practically no effort. But I am hampered from increasing my portfolio by being tied into the South of England Picture Library who promise a 40% return but have failed to sell a single image of mine. I have given notice and will be free to try something new once it has expired.

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  2. Thank you for taking your dissertation break…I like to think you posted these six-legged beauties just for me!

    I am very much missing my bugs. They spray pesticides here at the apartment pretty liberally, which means there’s not much to find for photographing. My own yard is full of them now, yet I am here, longing to be there.

    You’ll have to wait until my July Photo post (first of August) to see the fuzzy-headed barn swallow fledgling. No buggie-wuggies on today’s (I had no opportunity to work in a rather walking stick…might have to have his own post). It’s all I’ve got for macro work these days. Drat.

    My best to you, Rachael, on finishing up and enjoying the rest of the summer off.

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