Industrial landscape



On Friday I visited Bournemouth and travelled there by train.  I snapped a couple of shots of Southampton’s industrial area as we rolled by.  James Corner, over at Country Corners, recently posted some photos of an industrial view near his home.  He reminded me that a photographer should not automatically ignore the less ‘pretty’ landscapes.  A more subtle, panoramic shot below.

Southampton Industry 2


8 thoughts on “Industrial landscape

  1. Loving the lines in the first shot. Drawing you away from the centre. Gorgeous deep colours too.

    It’s fun mixing industrial looking ‘scapes with a bit of nature, like you’ve done with the water. Lovely photos!

  2. Are they shot through glass?

    I seem to take a fair few shots of pylons over here in Korea, even up in the mountains. For one thing there’s no getting away from them, so might as well use them to create some depth and contrast etc. For another I feel if I always edit them out of my composition when framing, I’m giving an artificially pristine image of the country.

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