Yellow field before the storm

cottage and rapeseed field, Alfriston, East Sussex

Many of my images are inspired by paintings. I think the same basic compositions work in both mediums.  In this image I was inspired by the watercolours of Michael Morgan RI, an artist whose work I greatly enjoy.  I was recently lucky enough to acquire two of his originals which, together with one of his limited edition prints now provide permanent inspiration on my walls.

Which artists inspire you?  Feel free to post examples of your work below.  I find the crossover between genres interesting and would love to see what influences my fellow photographers!

20 thoughts on “Yellow field before the storm

  1. It’s true…before painting, I was doing more photoghaphy, have to numerise my numerous slides or black and white work to show them eventually, and maybe start again photographying, both, painting and photography share the art of seeing…If I do remember it was a book by Freeman Paterson…

  2. I love the contrast between the yellow field and the broody, dark sky. As for painting…. I think I’ve always preferred photography ever since I was given a camera at a young age. Or could it be that the paintings my family chose seemed ghastly to me?

  3. Stunning contrast. I’m very partial to yellow, and the trail leading to the cabin is so very inviting. Is this a photo you took? If so, where? Thanks for sharing Morgan. He’s got some great pieces!

    These Four Seasons water colors by Kate Moynihan are my favorite wall art pieces. The current season always hangs above my fireplace mantel; that way, I never get bored.

  4. It never occurred to me to model a photograph after a painting. However, there’s a picture in my mind of a deserted, hilly beach with patches of tall grass here and there, all on a cloudy/overcast day. I don’t know if it’s a painting or a photo, but I sure would like to see it somewhere other than my brain. Sorry – that was quite a tangent!

    • Thanks, Sid. Tangents are good. And I know what you mean. I have had an image in my head since seeing The Ghost Writer. The colours of the landscape in that movie, leaden skies, muted yellow grasses and sand, have stayed with me and I would love to capture an image with them.

  5. My goodness I didn’t realise I had so much catching up to do! Some wonderful shots – compositions and macros – but Rachael, this photograph is just gorgeous, and, like a painting, talks of place and time, of stories and questions … 🙂

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