Little White Cottage

La Caumine de Marie Best, JerseyThis image is a little more arty than my usual style but, despite appearances, it is still a photograph.  It is made from three exposures, one sharp:

one panned:

and the third, a ‘texture’ made from a close up of the whitewashed walls of the cottage:

The cottage is Le Don Hilton, also known as La Caumine de Marie Best.  It stands on the wall above St.Ouen’s beach with spectacular views of the surf and sunsets.  It can be rented from Jersey Heritage and makes a charming, if basic, base for surfers. A more straightforward shot of the cottage appears in my earlier post, Jersey Shores.

8 thoughts on “Little White Cottage

  1. Strange how personal the reaction can be to a photo. I had this post on my screen thinking about the shot which I really like. My wife looked over my shoulder and pronounced “I don’t like that; it’s disturbing”. One photo with two completely different opinions.

  2. I agree with Gunta. Although, part of me suspects there’s a close up of a gorgeous dragonfly just out of the picture… Lovely work, Rachael.

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