Release crawlers!

The mother ship launches fighters.
I gave myself a virtual medal for bravery when I took this shot. Good thing I used a tripod for once – my hand was shaking! We are back from our travels, but too late for my daily post. This one is late (it is 1.02am here). Back to normal tomorrow, I mean later today.

11 thoughts on “Release crawlers!

  1. Good to have you back. Do you have a common name for these cute and charming little fellas? Daddy long legs, perhaps? They seem to be a widely distributed arachnid. If they are DLLs, their cousins hang in the dusty corners of every dwelling in Australia. And here in Asia they have freaky relatives that like to stomp over the forest floor. Quite unnerving when you’re sitting having a snack and they seem to be moving in to share it…

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