Sun shower

rain and leaves

A lot of weather comes to visit our little island. And we do tend to whinge about it from time to time. But when sun and rain coincide, diamonds are scattered over the garden. A good time to put a transparent bag over the camera and step outside.

6 thoughts on “Sun shower

  1. Our state (Oregon) has a reputation of raining all the time, however summers we go for months without a drop.Thanks, I really enjoyed this refreshing view of some moisture from the skies. Can’t wait for the autumn rains to start up here. Of course I’ll be whinging after a month or two of nearly solid rain. Just seems to be the nature of the beast. 😉

  2. I’ve noticed some gold and russet tones developing in a couple of local maples here recently. Seems a bit early to me, SINCE I NEARLY SUCCUMBED TO HEATSTROKE SEVERAL TIMES last week — but maybe they know something I don’t!

    • My maples (I planted several a few years ago and three remain) were late to get going this year thanks to the very late and wet spring so they haven’t started to change yet. I am glad you managed not to succumb to heatstroke. 🙂

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