A Perfect Getaway

Kauai from the air

Yesterday I posted a shot taken in August 2009.  In August 2008, we were somewhere rather different.  Our trip to Hawaii has to be one of the most memorable holidays we have enjoyed so far.  And one of the stand-out highlights was the helicopter flight over the beautiful Garden Isle, Kauai.  This view is of the Na Pali coast, which recently featured as the setting for a surprisingly good thriller, A Perfect Getaway.  We didn’t meet any crazed serial killers on our trip, thankfully.  The helicopter ride was thrills enough!  If I am ever lucky enough to go back, I want to do the doors-off flight. Now that’s one thing I never thought I would say.


14 thoughts on “A Perfect Getaway

  1. Amazing! Stunning! Gorgeous!

    I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii, and more specifically Kauai, for a while now. Looks absolutely stunning. This photo is just making me wish I was going now.

  2. I remember Hawaii was once voted number-one hiking destination by ‘Backpacker’ magazine. One day…

    Shame about the lack of serial killers. Think I’d rather take my chances with one of them than a helicopter ride!

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