Utah panorama


A panoramic view of Arches National Park and the La Sal mountains in Utah to mark my 100th post. Utah is one of the most amazing states I have visited in America, so far. The landscape is vast, magnificent, empty. So different from anything we have here. I hope to return before long.

16 thoughts on “Utah panorama

  1. This is just beautiful, Rachael. Love the blue sky, adorned with a few dark clouds and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. I wish someday I can see it too.

  2. Rachael, a glorious panoramic shot! Ah, it seems we must add another state to our must-see list. 🙂 My friend in Utah has just invited us, but sadly, I don’t think we’ll have enough time during this summer trip. As you said, the United States is so vast.

    Congratulations on your 100th post, and here’s to much more photographic inspiration!

  3. Great shot, and Happy Hundred (I’m sure it took about three times as long for me to get there).

    Utah is indeed amazing. I still remember the thrill when we entered the state as we drove through America in ’93. It felt like we were in a ‘Road Runner’ cartoon. A girl in a Taco Time told us “Your accents are cool!” And when we broke down one night a Mormon stopped to see what the problem was. He drove home for something and came back – with a gun sitting on the front seat close at hand. Can’t be too careful, I suppose — we were pretty scary.

    • Thanks. Every one of your posts is detailed and carefully written. Sometimes I post one image and few words. Much easier 😉
      That’s a great story. I wonder whether he brought the gun in case you encountered a third party rather than for defence against you? Otherwise, if he were worried about you, why return? Although, thinking about it, I quite like the idea that he returned to help you despite being concerned for his safety, with his comfort blanket close by.

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