Serendipitous bumble bee

Bumble bee in flight.

One of my faults as a photographer is my workflow management.  I snap away, loving the moment, upload a host of shots, pick the best one of the day and leave the rest to languish, neglected on my hard drive.  But sometimes I happen across a rejected shot and find I like it.  Perhaps such happy accidents make the chaos worthwhile.  Anyway, this afternoon I happened across this forgotten shot from the Spring, and I was glad.

Do you live, like me, in a state of photographic disorder, or are your files neatly honed, indexed, and double backed up?

9 thoughts on “Serendipitous bumble bee

  1. A lovely shot almost forgotten. Don’t hate me, but my photos are organized by event and chronologically, and are on 2 hard drives at all times. I’ve always been way too organized. Once I organized myself I found it was easier to stay that way, and plus you can find things in a snap.

  2. I love your bumble bee in flight, he looks as if he is backing out and hasn’t had the time to get his tongue tucked away yet. I agonise about keeping too many shots that I will never look at again, I sort them into categories and then years.

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