17 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon

    • Thanks, Helen. I did think of posting a Youtube link to Frank singing it but I am never quite sure enough about copyright. I probably shouldn’t say 😉 but it is two photos taken seconds apart as, when the plane reached the moon, that cloud you can see to the right had covered both. It was taken with a 10mpx camera and a 300mm lens at full stretch so it is a hefty crop.

  1. Great image. Is that the recent “Supermoon”? As for YouTube links, if there are copyright issues for posting a link, myself and several blogging friends are in serious trouble!

    • Thanks. I am probably just being silly. In a past life I was a lawyer and I can’t completely shake the paranoia! Plus, as my teenage son pointed out to me this week, I was not brought up in the digital age and although I have done very well (imagine patronising tone) I still have a lot to learn. 😉

    • Thanks, Kevin. It was also one of the most relaxing photo shoots ever, sitting on the comfy swingseat in our garden aiming my camera at the huge daylight moon and snapping away.

  2. Oh, one of my favourite songs! And the picture is perfect! Just recently lost my Mum who loved Frank Sinatra, she would really appreciate this picture xx

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