The best outdoor studio ever

Parakeets at sunset


On this day ten years ago we moved into our home. The house didn’t need much doing to it but the garden had only a few mature trees and shrubs, a mossy lawn and weeds galore. Over the years we have added interest, planting with wildlife in mind. Now ninety percent of my macro shots are taken in our garden. It is the best studio I could have, and literally on my doorstep. As I type this, a pair of blackbirds with nesting materials clamped in their beaks are flying to and from the climbing rose outside the kitchen window. An early brood of robins has already hatched in the front garden hedge and the coal tits are busy in their usual nesting spot out back. Every evening this week I have heard a hedgehog in the back garden. The borders already buzz with bumble bees and hoverflies and the other day a bee fly briefly hovered over my page, its characteristic long proboscis stretched out like a mini, and furry, concord!
All of the pictures in today’s post were taken in my garden.


Bee fly (bombylius major)

9 thoughts on “The best outdoor studio ever

  1. We are in the process of redesigning our garden at the moment and will be doing exactly the same. The previous owners I do not think did much at all, as everything is so overgrown and in such bad condition! I am already planning what to plant to attract the wildlife 🙂 The birds already visit a lot as we are surrounded by large trees and shrubbery. As we were digging out a section of the borders today we had a pair of robins flittering around us and bluetits watching close by! I totally agree our gardens can be the best studios.

      • I was directing more than digging :-o. It is a little better, but I am still having to take the strong pain killers and muscle relaxers. They think it may have something to do with my ankle indirectly, but I guess I will know more when I see the specialist!

    • Hi Wendy. Thank you! Not opportunist. In fact, there were more outtakes of this than I can count. Good thing I was in my garden and no-one could see the crazy woman photographing a bush for hours!

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