Time for a change

Hello! I see there has been a gap of nearly 30 months since my last post! Is that a record? I got busy and the blog was just one thing too many. Anyway, after the mother-of-all breaks, I am back, but with a difference.

I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 5 years now. A short time, really, but sometimes I can hardly believe I ever had a life that wasn’t dominated by photography. From now on, this blog will a diary of sorts, not about my private life, because that’s private, and despite the fashion of baring all on social media, my sanity and self-respect requires the maintenance a wall between public and private. Instead, it will be a diary about the day to day reality of being a professional photographer in this new age of Influencers, brand ambassadors and NFTs (ask me about those later).

I hope anyone with the time and inclination to read this won’t be bored by it. In the end, it’s really just for me, as a diary that I, or my children, might look back on in years to come, after I’ve hung up my spurs. Maybe I’ll just be talking into a void. I won’t share it on social media or make a big deal of it. If you enjoy it, please feel free to comment. If you don’t, that’s OK too – just move on 🙂

So, to kick things off, today was a Saturday and while most sensible humans were out enjoying some beautiful late Spring/early Summer weather, I spend the whole day in my studio trying to print 50 A3 photos for the gallery that represents me in the USA. However, my wifi and my printer had other ideas. If the print currently going through the machine isn’t spat out half way like so many of its predecessors, I actually managed to print 5. So no prizes for guessing how I will be spending my Sunday. Might as well set fire to £5 notes.

In between rebooting the router and talking to the Virgin Media bot (how annoying is it that we can no longer speak to humans?), I did a fair bit of writing, sending the latest assignments to some of my private mentees and editing my contribution to a forthcoming book about photographers and their process. More on that later.

I also quickly put together on my phone a video from yesterday’s foggy wander on the cliff top at Beachy Head. I cannot tell you just how happy yesterday evening made me feel. The rather wobbly, hand held video available at this instagram link will have to do, for now.

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